Rebel Yell: Catalania is not spain

tonight there will be one more time the classico in spanish football between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. What is new is the fact, that the supportes of Barcelona will demonstrate for more autonomy for the catalonians. I don’t know, if it is because of the so called Euro-crisis or not. But I shure know, that the same effort becoming more autonomy was one of the main reasons for starting spanish civil war.

What happened there is also a dark side of german history. All the fascist leaders of europe supported the fascist nationalist general Franko. Remember Legion Condor an their horrible bombing of Guernica.

What is seldom told, is that in these war fought a lot of men from all over Europe to support the spanish people in their fight against the fascist. They are known as the international socialist brigades.

This song remains of them and give them a musical memorial.

Listen, enjoy and have a good week.
Christy Moore – Viva la quinta brigada


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