What’s so funny bout peace, love and understanding


back from some hard days at the office. Not that I have too much work, but I have to work through so many new things and I have also to represented my colleague who is gone for some weeks on vacation.

Therefore I spent an evening on the couch, surf the Internet a bit, listen to some music and have casually keep an eye on the Champions League. Not that I’m a fan of Bayern Munich, but if even a German team plays internationally, I will continue to to support them.

As I previously viewed the news, I had to think, in what times we live. Just rotate through all? The Middle East is in turmoil, Muslims are calling for war and I wonder where all this will end yet. If we internalize the three words from the title, we were on a good step towards a better future.

Therefore one of my favorites in a live version

If we at it, then I put on yet another song from the past.

Enjoy and have a good time.


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