FIFA World Cup 2016 Qualifiers


the qualifiers for the next FIFA World Cup started last Friday. Tomorrow there will be another classic game between Austria and Germany again. Of course the germans will be the favorite, but I still remeber a match 36 years ago at the FIFA World cup in Argentine, where the Austrian beat our ass in a shameful way. This were our feelings in this time, but in these days I can smile about our thoughts of a time long gone.

This is what wikipedia tells from this game:
For the Austrian team, it was all “for the honor”, even if a significant victory against Germany would become only one third in the group. A victory over world champions Germany would therefore had for the Austrian team, especially a symbolic meaning in terms of the rivalry between the neighboring countries. It would also be a late revenge for the 1:6 defeat in the semifinal of the soccer World Cup in 1954 and the first international soccer match victory against Germany have been for over 40 years, because in many statistics can be found as the last victory that Austria could previously achieve against Germany 5-0 in a friendly match on 13 September 1931. But actually took on 3 April 1938. After connecting during the Nazi era, the so-called “game port”, “Ostmark” against “Old Reich”, at which the number before the dissolution of the team’s Austrian won 2-0.
For the then German coach Helmut Schön was clear that this game would be eligible for early retirement to be his last. Even before he certified his title defending team, “not a championship format” have to, and announced that it will retire after the World Cup.

Discussed in the German media, there was little doubt about the success of the DFB team, was only whether the need for a well-finals rout was possible. Even after the Accompanying actually a consultant to the Austrian Argentina coach Max Merkel argued for a rapid German opening goal could “happen”. Several German players predicted a clear victory in newspaper interviews, which fanned the fighting spirit of the Austrians also.

Rummenigge scored in the 19th Minutes the desired early goal for Germany. In the same time as taking place match in Buenos Aires, it was until the 75th 1-1 minutes, while Germany 59th to Minute with 1:0 but the lead was, was still far away from the need for a group blowout victory. Within a few minutes we came through an own goal by Vogts and a goal by Krankl but back with 1:2. Hölzenbein was in the 68th Minutes nor the 2-2 tie produce before the Dutch winner Arie Haan to 2:1 in parallel game scored. In order for the DFB team had reached a place in the third-place match. Since the German team but by the Austrians of 2:3 Krankl lost their game, it missed the second group place and thus the small final finally has.

Best Group and was a finalist thus the team from the Netherlands, and participants in the second game for third place Italy. Germany finished third on goal difference against Austria, but was eliminated from the group as well as recent Austria.

In Austria, the victory was soon regarded as one of the greatest team sports achievements of the past decades (“Miracle”), comparable with the most hardly comparable, since individual triumphs of skier Toni Sailer and Franz Klammer. The participating Austrian national team are called in Austria as a “hero of Cordoba” – even though they had a week earlier also lost in Cordoba against the old and new runner-up Netherlands with 1:5.


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